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Bio and Services


Clinical Developmental Psychologist (Japan)

Certified Triple P Parenting Facilitator Level 4

Somatic Experiencing Practitioner

We all go through hardships in life.  And it's not easy.  But these obstacles can be gems because they give us a nudge to look for and open a new doorway in our lives.  My passion is to help my clients, perhaps like yourself, achieve their highest potential and lead more fulfilling lives. 


I have more than 10 years of experience as a bilingual counselor.  I am professionally trained in helping my clients identify their strengths and find pathways to fullfill their dreams. 


I am particularly committed to helping clients who experience difficulties in cross-cultural environments, whether in the workplace or in the family.


I offer counseling sessions to individuals, couples and families. When necessary, I work with the school to better deal with issues faced by children. Upon request by the client, I can coordinate with a medical doctor to better assist him or her.

Work in HK

2013 - 2019

Counsellor, St. John's Counselling Service

2015 - 2019

​Counselor and Interpreter, Dr. Vanessa Wong's Clinic


​2012 - 2015

Parenting Class at Matilda International Hospital


2015 - 2017

​Triple P Parenting Program at Inner City Ministry


Cross Cultural Marriage & Family Counseling


Do you want to...


Optimize your marriage, sexuality or family relationships?


Enhance strengths of your children growing up in multi-cultural environments?


Help your child unlock his or her potentials?


I have extensive experience in deciphering dynamics within couples and/or families to identify miscommunication between individuals, and optimizing their mutual understanding and respect. 


With increased awareness and improved skills for better communication, each individual is more likely to feel content and commited to maintaining loving and stable relationships.  


Relationship Counseling


Do you want to...


Improve your relationship with your parents, close friends, or people at the workplace? 


Feel more confident in social circles and family gatherings?


I can help you find your own thought and behaviour patterns.  By knowing yourself better, we can come up with strategies for you to feel more confident and happier in social settings.  


Stress Management & Mood Improvement


Do you want to...


Create an optimal lifestyle?


Develop a healthier mindset and feel more relaxed?


Master coping skills to better deal with stress and anxiety?


Manage and express anger in a more socially acceptable way?


I can help you learn and use practical skills for your needs.  


Adjustment Challenges


Experiencing major life changes?


Moving to a new country, starting at a new workplace, having a new family member or losing your loved ones… They are all major life changes.  


It’s perfectly normal to feel stressed going through these changes. I assist my clients make the transition more smooth.


Child’s Emotional and Behavioural Issues


Is your child exhibiting emotional or behavioural issues?  If so, it’s not that your child is “problematic” or “wrong.”  They are simply shouting for help in the best way they know. 


I help children learn how to better manage stress, develop social skills and learn problem solving skills. 


Grief and Loss


When heartbroken, our heart is indeed “broken” and professional help can facilitate the healing process.


At some point in our lives, we all experience loss of our loved ones: not just our human family and friends, but our animal family and friends.  Breaking up with someone who means a lot to us can leave a big void in our hearts. 


Also in counseling, falling ill is considered as a loss because we lose our health and, in some cases, ability to function as well as we used to.  Financial loss is another type of loss that we address in counseling.


Whatever the type of loss you experience, I assist you going through the grieving process.  We need to allow ourselves the time to cherish fond memories of what we have lost, and ease the sense of guillt and regret if you are experiencing any.


Mental Health Concerns


Have you been experiencing…



Depressive symptoms?

Excessive anxiety?

Unwanted habits such as unhealthy eating or drinking habits?


I have extensive experience in helping clients who have symptoms like these. You are not alone. Please contact me so that I can assist you to improve your life. Upon your request, I can coordinate with a medical doctor to better assist you.



Academic &

Native in Japanese

Fluent in English

I am a native speaker of Japanese and fluent in English.  

I majored in marketing and consumer behaviour during my undergraduate education at Keio University in Tokyo, Japan. 


After working as a human resource coordinator both in Japan and abroad, I returned to school, this time in the United States.  I received a Master of Science in Social Work from the University of Southern California, with a concentration in Counseling for Families and Children.


While pursuing my master’s degree, I successfully completed an internship program at an outpatient mental health clinic, where I was subsequently offered a staff position.  The clinic was located in the inner city of Los Angeles.  Its cultural and ethnic diversity of the gave me an opportunity to acquire solid cross-cultural clinical skills.  Since it was a mental health clinic, I developed strong skills in clinical assessment of mental health disorders as well as developmental disorders.  I worked with adult clients with various mental health issues such as depression, anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, eating disorder, addiction and personality disorder.  I also worked with child clients with ADHD and other behaviour challenges.


After moving back to Japan, I obtained my license as a Clinical Developmental Psychologist and worked in the public sector to assist families with mental/psychological challenges.  


During 7 years in Hong Kong between 2012-2019, I worked as a bilingual counselor and provided culturally-aware parenting classes to cultural minorities in Hong Kong, such as Japanese families and Nepali families, respecting their cultural backgrounds and meeting their unique needs.


I am passionate about improving my clinical skills and expanding my knowledge of the ever-evolving science of healing.  Currently, I am learning various psycho somatic approaches, which I believe is a highly effective modality for resolving trauma.

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